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Lenny and Jenny Action Your Life
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Hi, we are Lenny and Jenny!

Lenny is a certified nutrition coach, ex-professional dancer and extreme sport athlete.


Jenny is a choreographer, fitness coach and Zumba instructor.


We both started our fitness and wellness journey in 2004. We have tried every diet possible. We have pushed the limits of our bodies in all possible ways.


We know what it's like to struggle!

To feel exhausted.

To fail when we tried hard and to see others being successful with no much efforts.

But hey, we also know the thrill of feeling awesome!

Our Action Your Life method has transformed lives of many men and women helping them to lose fat, tone up, feel stronger than ever and build an unstoppable mindset. 

We teach people to eat until they're full without being worried about counting calories, calculating macros or even being bothered about doing hours and hours of cardio so they can sustain their results for life.


We're not the average coaches. We don't teach basic techniques you can find everywhere and we definitely don't offer supposedly "secret remedy" supplements that never work.

No matter where you need help, we can get you the support, knowledge and motivation you need to succeed and reach your goal(s), no matter who you are and where you are.

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Your ultimate BESPOKE 1-1 experience.

This mentorship teaches you the fitness and nutrition science your body and mind need to change and evolve in a positive way and how to implement it without sabotaging. Your coaches will give you all the support you need on a daily basis to keep you accountable and committed to reach your body and health goals. Together we will build long lasting healthy habits so you can keep your results for life.

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A first step to step out your comfort zone and start experiencing the incredible benefits of

 Action Your Life lifestyle.



at no cost


"No need to give up your favourite food. Eat until full and lose weight for good". This is our mantra and the theme of our cookbook "My Guilty Pleasures" that will show you through more than 100 recipes how to make healthier versions of all your favourite comfort foods (burgers, pizza, cakes, ice creams and so much more...)​ and lose a huge amount of fat, eating without deprivation.

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