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TIRED of fad diets, “secret remedy supplements”, or hardcore training plans that won’t get you anywhere?

Do you feel overwhelmed and exhausted trying to figure out everything on your own?

It’s NOW TIME you learn and implement a strategy that works for you and finally help you reach your health and body goals without sabotaging.

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This mentorship is for you if you’re motivated to retake the control of your body and mind by stepping out of your comfort zone

If you’re committed to create a healthy, ENJOYABLE and sustainable lifestyle and ready to unleash your true potential.

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… when success is your destination.


Have you struggled in the past with accountability and commitment?


You could have the best custom nutrition and training plan ever, but if you’re not CONSISTENT, you won’t experience positive results.

It’s the harsh reality, but 90% of people struggle to lose weight and gain lean muscle simply because they’re not committed. And that’s perfectly normal. That’s how we, humans, are. We prioritise quick fixes over long-term REAL solutions. And that’s why most people end up doing the yo-yos with their weight and give up eventually.


At Action Your life, our ULTIMATE MISSION is to make sure you get all the support, resources and knowledge you need to reach your goal but also to sustain your results for life.

We only take a VERY LIMITED number of clients so our professional result coaches can fully devote their time to you. They build a strategy around you and your needs and recalibrate your lifestyle week after week so you evolve and feel UNSTOPPABLE all through the mentorship.

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We teach you how to eat delicious food without sabotaging results through tailored nutrition based around you. It includes detailed recipes, grocery lists, food lists and guides. in Chief



We will create a program specifically tailored around your goals, your time and your lifestyle so you can move your body however you want and experience maximum results. At home or at the gym, your training plan will be fun and realistic and will fit your schedule.



You’ll have unlimited access to Jenny and Lenny via text, facetime, phone and of course we will give you unlimited support. That’s the most important aspect of the mentorship, you won’t be alone! You’ll always have someone to talk to and share your successful but also difficult moments of your journey.



We will personally track your progress every week to keep you motivated and accountable. We will adjust, give you tips and advise you on the best strategy to win the following week so you smash it.



Your moment to discuss your journey to make sure you get everything you need to continue to evolve. It’s also the occasion for your result coach to recalibrate your routine and goal so you work in the right direction to create and sustain your new healthy lifestyle.



Meet dozens of people who, like you, decided to reclaim their life back and probably have a bunch of things in common with you. Be part of a tribute, support others and be encouraged. Our private FaceBook group also includes extra content such as live home workouts, yoga, additional training and nutrition knowledge, mindset and well-being.

... And Our client-exclusive Action Your Life LIFESTYLE BLUEPRINT content

You'll get tones of content including pdf guides, cookbook, habits and motivation video courses, meditation audios and so much more;
so you can create your OWN SUCESSFUL BLUEPRINT, won't need to hire a coach anymore and will sustain your results for LIFE


We probably won't be a good fit if...

🟠  You look for a cheap and quick fix

🟠  You’re not mentally ready to step out of your comfort zone and to change

🟠  You think you can figure everything out on your own and don’t need accountability support

This Mentorship is for you if...

✅  You’re ready to learn and apply a custom strategy that works built around you and adapted to your needs and metabolism.

✅  You’re exhausted by making excuses and you’re motivated and committed to change for good right now whatever your goal is (lose weight, gain strength, build lean muscles or improve your health etc.).

✅  You’re not happy with the way you look in the mirror, have low self-esteem and confidence but have decided to step up and fight.

✅  You’re tired of killing yourself at the gym and eating bland food every day, or trying “quick fixes” or “secret remedy supplements” without seeing any results.

✅  You want to be good to yourself by creating a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle and sticking to a routine without sabotaging, but you don’t know what to do and where to start.



because no one else will!

When was the last time you said something like: “I’m going to start exercising next month when I have more time”?


Or “I’m going to start eating healthy in two weeks because this weekend is my pet’s birthday and the weekend after I’m invited to the birthday party of the grandad of one of my colleagues I had in my previous job”.


STOP FINDING EXCUSES. If you don’t take action now, it will never happen.


You could spend years overthinking what’s the best approach or the cheapest and easiest way to shred fat and build muscles without really taking action. And time is flying… 


Words are from the lips but actions are from the heart.


We are perfectly conscious that taking a leap of faith to work with a coach, step out of your comfort zone, challenge your own beliefs and change your lifestyle might be the scariest thing ever but the truth is that there will never be a right time to begin a healthy lifestyle. If you continue to put off important things that you know you need to do, YOUR LIFE WON'T CHANGE. 

Now think of all your favourite athletes, singers, actors, and celebrities. They all work everyday with different coaches who bring out the best of them.


We personally worked all our life with coaches (and still do) who empowered us to grow and to

move to the next level in our professional career, in business but also emotionally and mentally.

It’s now your turn to be brave and bold and take action!

Because YOU deserve to be happy, confident and successful. YOU deserve to enjoy going to the beach feeling good in swimwears. YOU deserve to feel desirable and loved. But more importantly YOU deserve to feel awesome in your own skin.


We will be with you all along the way to guide and support you. We will be by your side to help you carry the weight you have on your shoulders. We won’t let you down and we will do everything we can to make things easy and achievable so you can thrive.


Take action now and show the world what you’re really capable of doing. TOGETHER, let’s unleash your true potential.


Book a call so we can discover each other. It’s totally free. This time is for you and only you.


We look forward to getting you started.

Lenny & Jenny

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