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Husband and wife team Jenny Stones and Lenny Fattore are graduates of leading French dance schools. Their common passion for dance brought them together in 2006.

In the last 15 years they have performed on the world's biggest stages, as well as teaching intensive international dance workshops.

Lenny and Jenny have pushed the limits of our bodies from a very young age.
When they were both 20, they were doing 30+ hours of intensive exercise per week, and were FEELING CRAP most of the time.

They are today respectively 36 and 33, they ONLY do now 3 hours per week of moderate exercise and they have never been so LEAN and have never felt so awesome.


In 2019, Jenny and Lenny created their dance company "Parisienne Touch", teaching heels classes to help women build confidence and reclaim their femininity.
Seeing all those women transform and thrive with new levels of confidence motivated them even more to help people on a larger scale.

When Lenny's mum passed away in 2019 because of a neurological disease and a lung cancer brought Jenny's mum to the brink of death, they decided to step up. That's how they started to research, read and study about nutrition, well-being and fitness to add even more skills to their wide range of knowledge they had previously gained in their professional dance careers.

After implementing everything they learnt to heir own lifestyle and being their own guinea pigs, Lenny and Jenny both experience an amazing transformation and had an epiphany.

In 2020, they created Action Your Life to help men and women experience the changes that they want to see with their health and body by sharing their knowledge and experience and supporting and motivating their clients all through the process.

They now helped dozen of men and women improve their metabolic health and reach their goals without sabotaging and but also keep their results for life.



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✅ Lost 20 lbs (9 kgs) in one month and sustained it without giving up hamburgers, pizza and chocolate cakes

✅ 36 and look much fitted and leaner than when 20 with fewer sport (3 hours per week now vs 30+ hours when 20 and professional dancer)

✅ Feel awesome, much more energetic, less tired and more efficient than when younger 

✅ Truly believe that diets don't work. Deprivation doesn't help losing weight

✅ Fun, enthusiast and positive, will support and help achieve incredible results to whoever needs

✅ Constantly looking for new science to improve health and increase longevity

✅ Metabolic health: 20 years old

✅ Athlete and yogi

✅ Food Lover

✅ Personal Development Enthusiast

✅ Goes to the restaurant every week (including fast food)

✅ Loves travelling the world, learns from new cultures and tries local foods (and cocktails of course!)

Jenny Transformation.png
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✅ Lost 15 lbs (7kg) thanks to the Action Your Life method and sustained it.

✅ 33 and much leaner than when younger with fewer sport (3 hours per week now vs 30+ hours when 20)

✅ Loves relish movie nights with ice creams

✅ Cannot work on her computer without a bag of sweets

✅ Bubbly and extremely energetic, you can count on her to keep you motivated and committed

✅ Loves lazy morning in bed.

✅ Personal Development Enthusiast

✅ Metabolic health: 18 years old

✅ Athlete, dancer and yogi

✅ Goes to the restaurant every week (including fast food)

✅ Shopping enthusiast

✅ Loves travelling the world and meeting new

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