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This time is FREE, and only for YOU to:

Understand what are your body and health goals (lose weight, build muscle, gain strength, have more energy, improve health and lifestyle, etc..)

Discover where you're at, what are you struggling with, what do you need help with, and what is holding you back from achieving your goals on your own. 

➡ Get to know each other and see if we click and want to work together.

Make sure our mentorship can help you reach your goals. If YES, we can explain you more in details how we work and how we can help you.

Get you started with your transformation NOW if by the end of the call you think we're a good fit.



🟢 Pick up a time you'll be 100% focus.

🟢 Take ownership and show up on time (remember, if you always put off important things, your life won't change).

🟢 Be ready to begin right after the call if we both decide this is a good fit.

🟢 Budget beforehand and make a YES or NO decision on your own, or have your spouse or any other decision maker join the call. 


🟠 Pick up a time you're distracted (driving, cooking, working, looking after the kids, etc.)

🟠 Ghost, ignore us, and be inconsiderate of our time and other people who need help and are ready to take action.

🟠 Take an "I need to think about it" attitude. Let's be super transparent. By the end of the call we should both be able to give a YES or NO answer and either way to be ok with that. 

🟠 Run the decision by you spouse or any other decision maker after the call.

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